Thursday, March 6, 2008

Relevant AVA officers

I was looking through the AVA directory to find a person I could email regarding the Riau Vegetable Project. While I was unable to do so, I did manage to identify several positions which may be interesting for my research.

Import / export / transshipment of vegetables & fruits; licensing of traders
63257620, 63257599, 63257285 and

Testing of food & food products
67952829, 67952822, 67952835,,

Food labelling & advertisements
63258552, 63258556,

Agrotechnology & land-based farms

62575291, 67591648,

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certification
Vegetable farming in singapore

Agricultural pesticides
63257100, 63257680,

Veterinary Public Health Centre
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority
10 Perahu Road
Singapore 718837

Veterinary Public Health Laboratory
Tel: (65) 67952822 / 67952829
Fax: (65) 68619491

Inspection Services & Epidemiology Division
Tel: (65) 67952830 / 67952821
Fax: (65) 68619492

Of course, the general enquiry email:

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority
5 Maxwell Road,
#01-01 / #02-03 / #03-00 / #04-00 / #18-00
Tower Block, MND Complex
Singapore 069110
Tel: (65) 62221211
Fax: (65) 62206068

There are also some subsidiaries like:

Agrifood Technologies Pte Ltd
5 Maxwell Road #03-00
Tower Block, MND Complex, Singapore 069110
Tel: (65) 6325 7654
Fax: (65) 6325 7331

Singapore Fruits & Vegetables Importers & Exporters Association
Singapore Fruits and Vegetables Importers and Exporters Association (SFVIEA) was first established in 1984 by a group of fruits and vegetables importers in Singapore.
Website [cannot view on mac]

Singapore Agri-Food Business Directory

Directors to look out for:

Dr Chew Siang Thai
Deputy CEO
Director, Food and Veterinary Administration
Tel: 63257600
Key responsibilities include:
* Food safety
* Animal and plant health
* Animal welfare and control
Under Dr Chew, the following Deputy Directors:
1) Dr Astrid Yeo (DD Import and Export, Head of Import and Export division)
Tel: 63257686
2) Ms Seah Huay Leng (DD Food Control, Head of Food Control Division)
Tel: 63255480
3) Dr Leong Hon Keong (DD Inspection Services and Epidemiology)
Tel: 67952820

Under Dr Astrid Yeo, within Import/Export, there is a Plant Regulatory Branch
Within which there is a Fruit & Vegetables Inspection Section
Address : Blk 1 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #03-03 Singapore 110001
Senior Import & Export Officer
Miss Lily LING

Senior Import & Export Officer
Ms TEO Yen Ling

Senior Import & Export Officer
HIU Joon Hong

Principal Import & Export Inspector
ONG Teng Soon, PB, PBS

Senior Import & Export Inspector
TEO Soon Hock, PBS

I've only included the people within the section that has email. Others are included in the singapore government directory. Mainly lower level officers.
Under Food Control Division, there are also very interesting sections:
Pre-Market Approval Branch
Post-Market Surveillance Branch
Survey & Safety Review Branch
Import Control Branch
Food Legislation & Factory Control Branch

Most of these are under the purview of Dr Chew. However there are also such as:

Dr Hilda Loh
Director, Policy & Corporate Communications Department
Key responsibilities include:
* Policy and planning
* Corporate communications
* Information resource management
* International relations
--> seems to be under an acting director, Dr Choo Li Nah, as of December 2007
Tel: 63257689
Under her:
1) Mr Koay Sim Huat (AD/Head international affairs) - one person unit
2) Ms Rubinah Karyeo (Senior Manager Policy & Planning Division) - 3 person unit

Mr Leslie Cheong
Director, Food Supply & Technology Department
Chief Fisheries Officer
Tel: 63257604
Key responsibilities include:
* Food supply and agri-trade facilitation
* Agri-regional project development
* Agrotechnology development
* Consultancy and advisory services
--> Under Mr Leslie Cheong, I think focusing on local food supply:
1) Mrs Renee Chou (DD Agri-Technology)
- mostly just for fisheries and horticulture.
2) Mrs Tan-Low Lai Kim (AD/Head Post-Harvest Division)
- split between veggie and fishery post harvest technology
3) Mr Chin Yew Heng (DD Food Supply / Head Food Supply and Agri-tech infrastructure)
- there is a Food Supply Resilience Branch under this division headed by
Miss LEE Siew Mooi, PPA(G)
They are in charge of food sourcing.
The other branches under Food Suply are farm management of agri-tech parks in Singapore and farm licensing, mariculture management, tenancy, etc. as well as fishery port management.

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