Tuesday, March 25, 2008

IRB hates me

I hate IRB.

They are seriously causing me trouble or am I just lousy at anticipating trouble?

Alright so I took a week to do my revisions which is a pain and then she replied saying I need to send her a version that shows where the changes are when I deliberately gave her the copy that removed tracked changes coz I thought it would look more appropriate. Thank god for the function in Word to compare documents for changes.

Fine and then she sent me email asking for "copy of your correspondence with the Malaysian officials who have ascertained that your research does not require their approval, if this is available."

Is it just Malaysia but why do none of my friends got asked if they have proof of official approval to do field work in overseas countries?

After I replied saying I got verbal advise from XXX official, she replied "I will forward your responses to the IRB and revert if there are further queries."

Which means that there will be more delay?!

I am going nuts! I need to move forward with this research!

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