Sunday, March 30, 2008

I talk too much

I got a feedback, not from my students, but from a junior who was in a neighboring tutorial room and he overheard my class. He said I "pamper" them too much and talk too much.

ok, talking too much is bad because we're supposed to give students a chance to talk in tutorial.

Gawd I'm doomed. I can just see the feedback now... "not given enough opportunities to talk"


Personally I spend a lot of time "arrowing" students to talk or asking them to answer question otherwise giving out "presents" in order to give them an incentive to talk. But the more time I waste trying to wait for an answer, or more time spent on hearing different opinions, means I don't get a chance to run through the "correct" answer with them. We assume the students would supply the "right answer" in their answer. Sigh. Ok I must try to move on from each question quickly which I find is a big problem myself. My time management can be very poor.

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