Monday, March 3, 2008

Cameron Highlands in July

July, it would appear, is a bad time to go to Cameron Highlands. It's peak season and EVERYBODY wants to go there.

Mr Chua replied me via SMS today that the apartment is already booked from 1st July onwards. The very day I was hoping to go to CH to begin my fieldwork. I think I'll have to do 2 weeks in June, and find alternative accommodations in July and possibly August as well. I'm waiting for Mr Chua to get internet access again to see my email.

I've also been checking out the budget hotels in Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands Online is a fantastic resource page and seems quite well updated.

Considering my extremely tight budget, I really must stay in a cheap cheap cheap place. I wonder if this monkey can survey 1 month of staying in a dormitory... I might disintegrate. But for the cheap rate of 10RM per night I wonder if I am willing to rough it out. Not forgetting I need to pay about 100RM per day for the vehicle/driver. Woe!

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