Thursday, March 6, 2008

Environmental Geography Academics

Found very interesting academics in Kings College London's geography department!

Dr Michael K Goodman (website)
Alternative food production and consumption, ethical and fair trade systems, contemporary consumption and commodity geographies, rural development, qualitative research methods.

Goodman, D. & GOODMAN, M. (2001) Sustaining foods: Organic consumption and the socio-ecological imaginary. In Exploring sustainable consumption: Environmental policy and the social sciences eds. M. Cohen & J. Murphy, pp. 97-119. Elsevier Science, Oxford.

All his works are so interesting and relevant!

He's interested in supervising PhD topics on "Consumption-scapes" and "'Alternative' forms of Consumption and Development". Wow I like the idea of alternative forms of consumption and development. Throw in conservation there and I'm happy monkey.

Dr Daanish Mustafa (website)
Research Interest: Critical water resources geography; social networks and environmental management; global approaches to terrorism; South Asia.

MUSTAFA, D. 2007 (forthcoming). "Flood Hazard" in The Encyclopedia of Environment and Society. Edited by Paul Robbins. Thousand Oaks (CA): Sage Publications.

MUSTAFA, D. 2005(6). (Anti)social capital in the production of an (un)civil society in Pakistan. Geographical Review. 95(3): 328-347.

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