Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cheng Lim Keak

I have been reading these 2 papers by a Dr Cheng Lim Keak that used to be with the Dept of Geog in NUS. He is obviously no longer here and I saw that in some search on google that he is involved with some Chinese degree. It's awfully weird but he gives off the vibes of the school of chinese-educated academics from Singapore / Nanyang University.

He wrote 2 papers on the fresh food supply in Singapore which gave me an excellent background on the supply and distribution of vegetables in Singapore. However at points, his papers are highly politically incorrect and sometimes I'm not sure how grounded in facts are his statements.

Still, I don't deny how much I've hit the treasure trove in this one. The diagrams and schema of supply/distribution system potentially is very helpful but needs updating.

But the SEARCA workshop reviewers did suggest better literature grounding and I have to really buck up on that! I have been thinking about the CSR greening of supply chains as another possible concept.

Reading List
Cheng LK (1982) Fresh Food Supplies in Singapore. GeoJournal. Issue 4. pp 61-72

Cheng LK (1990) Social Change and Fresh-Food Marketing in Singapore. GeoJournal. 20(3). pp 301-310

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