Friday, August 3, 2007

Toyota Foundation

Have been on the search for funding for my research and field work. While prowling for southeast asian funds, I came across the Toyota Foundation's Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP).

It seems like the most likely one at the moment as it allows "enrolled graduate students to carry out library or field research on a Southeast Asian country other than their own or on a comparative topic involving two or more Southeast Asian countries."

That sounds very much like my own research. Deadline for applications is on 1 October 2007. Despite the early date, the money will only come next year!

SEASREP also has its own website which includes a very comprehensive FAQ. I think I should get in touch with the people at SEASREP to ask them which grant I should apply for.

1 October 2007: Deadline of Applications
January 2008: Selection of grantees
March 2008: Approval of grant funds for 2008-2009
Late March 2008: Announcement of grantees for 2008-2009
Early April to May 2008: Release of grant funds

I better work on my proposal soon and get it out before September!

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