Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reading List

Ryan Bishop, John Phillips and Yeo Wei-Wei (2004) Beyond Description : Singapore Space Historicity London, New York Taylor & Francis
Chapter 2: Of Trees and the Heartland: Singapore’s Narratives1
Chapter 5: At Home in the Worlds: Community and Consumption in Urban Singapore
Chapter 12: Intelligent Island, Baroque Ecology

Richard Wilk eds. (2006) Fast food/slow food : the cultural economy of the global food system. Lanham, MD : Altamira Press.

Mustafa Koc et al eds. (1999) For hunger-proof cities : sustainable urban food systems. Ottawa : International Development Research Centre.

Peter Dauvergne (1997) Shadows in the forest : Japan and the politics of timber in Southeast Asia. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press.

Peter Knoepfel ed. (2007) Environmental policy analyses : learning from the past for the future - 25 years of research. New York : Springer.

Mark Q. Sutton and E.N. Anderson (2004) Introduction to cultural ecology. Walnut Creek, CA : AltaMira Press.

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