Friday, July 27, 2007

Perils of Graduate Studenthood

Seems that across the pacific and continental USA, the divine bovine is likewise recording down the days of her graduate life in UNC.

Of course, it's in part due to the fact that she is overseas and needs to regularly update her animal friends in Singapore.

Incidentally, she linked this blog on her recent post on her embarking on teaching assistantship. I must admit though that personally I get very excited at the prospects of teaching. It's like the precursor to every tuition kid I used to take on. Sadly I have a feeling it won't be as fun as being in full control of the syllablus. I heard that all I get to do is mark essays and if I'm lucky, once in a while I get to show my face at a fortnightly tutorial session!

Either way, since she mentioned it, there seems to be increased interest in this blog with several visitors coming here from her blog, out of curiousity possibly.

Well either way, hello strangers or maybe familiar strangers. Drop a comment if you wish. The blog is fully RSS-capable for the geekytech-inclined ones amongst us.

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