Friday, August 3, 2007

Other possible funds

Here's a list of funding agencies compiled by the European Tropical Forest Research Network but the list has been rather limiting for me since I'm not really doing forestry perse.

For future reference, the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) also offers a very diverse range of fellowships but for doctoral or post-doc only.

The Association for Asian Studies in the North Americas also has a comprehensive list of grants but I think it's not international.

For future reference, the American Association of University Women do provide quite a list, especially the international fellowship.

At the end of the day, here's the scholarship that funded Danwei in the US. NUS offers a NUS-Overseas Graduate Scholarship with a 5 years contract with NUS to teach after the completion of PhD. Honestly I wouldn't really mind that. Of course I would prefer funding directly from the university in US.

Disgusting as this may be, I am considering writing to HSBC or Bayer to ask for funding for my research. Argh.

Here's something interest: the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture! They have a list of grants. There is also an Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities which provides a link for schools in Indo and M'sia which I can find help for my research!

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Wai said...

Yea I found the International Scholarship too. For me one other possibility is an NSF grant, the only one that isn't for US citizens or PRs, but that one for doctoral candidates only too.

Was just considering the NUS scholarship too, if I convert to Phd. But puts me in a bind cos the other one I'm thinking of applying to now, some women equality thing for foreign students stipulates that I go home after my degree to improve the lot of women back home. :p