Friday, August 31, 2007

Keywords and Themes

sustainable geography
sustainable food consumption
sustainable consumption
'Techno-Ethics' of Sustainable Living
agricultural/e geography
sustainable agriculture geography
sustainable development geography
sustainable production-consumption systems (SPACES)
food systems
Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) (UNESA Div for Sust Devt)
Consumers and globalization
Sustainable agriculture in face of free trade
sustainable agriculture/production/consumption in north-south context
sustainable supply
Environmental management systems (EMS),
private codes of conduct,
holistic approaches to sustainable production
Sustainable consumption research exchange (SCORE)
cities and conservation
Human Ecology (SHE)
Social Ecology
Cultural Ecology
Political Ecology

"Cultural and Political Ecology" Group in AAG
- Agriculture and Agricultural Development
- Capitalization of Life and Nature
- Ecosystem Change
- Ecosystem Services
- Ecoterrorism
- Ecotourism
- Environmental Activism
- Environmental Degradation
- Environmental Discourse
- Environmental Management
- Environmental Racism
- Functional Materialism
- Hazards Research
- Historical Ecology
- Indigenous land mapping
- Land Use, Land Cover, Land Change
- Land Tenure and Common Property
- Migration
- Nature Conservation and Social Justice
- Nature and Ethnic Politics
- Nature Privatization and the State
- Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
- Neoliberalism
- Political Economics
- Protected Area Policy and Management
- Pastoral Communities
- Subjectivity in Best Use Practice
- Sustainability and Vulnerability
- Sustainability Metrics
- Third-world Development
- Urban Ecology
- Urban Pollution and Remediation
- Water Management
- Wildlife Conservation

Multiple stresses as affecting vulnerability of food systems
Political and social value of food
climate forecasting for food security research
Responses of alternative food movements to climate change
Adaptation options and building adaptive capacity for food systems
Water and food security in the future
Trade and market reform for food system adaptation
Cross-scale interactions of food systems and Global Env Change
Governance of food systems
Scenarios for regional GEC/food security research
Biofuels and food security
Resilience of food systems
Tradeoffs between ecosystem services, food security and economic growth
food systems in a changing world
Food industry strategies for GEC adaptation and mitigation
Institutional and policy challenges for natural resource management for food security
Analysis of the international environmental assessments and food security
conflicts relating to food security and environmental change

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