Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nature Conservation in Singapore

Just finished my slides for the nature conservation in singapore presentation, due for its inaugural screening tomorrow at 8am, during my first nature and society tutorial this semester.

Pretty excited. Uploaded the slides on google documents for my animal friends to view.


Jeffrey said...


This comes a little late, but ... you mention coral reefs in your presentation, but do not indicate where they are (ok, I understand ppt slides aren't supposed to show everything :) ). Can I suggest that you add Kusu Island to the list of places to visit (BWV does a walk there) and also Semakau (RMBR walks)?

Also, the history of environmentalism is .. only related to NSS? Setting up of Wild Singapore, Hantu Blog and BWV should probably also be there too.

Sorry if these comments are a bit baised, but what can I say? I have some vested interest :)

Cheers, Jeff

Monkey said...

Hi Jeff,

How come you never come for meeting yesterday!!! lol then you could have asked me these questions in person right? :P

Now the thing is, I was on a time budget. Still, the idea of the class was not to tell them where every thing was. The first part of the class is a survey to find out what they DO KNOW. And then asking them if there are coral reefs. I then tell them the coral reefs at NUS website to find out more details.

I also included a list of nature / environmental groups in Singapore so they can go check them out.

Ok, the "history of environmentalism" is everything pre-chek jawa. This is mainly because the case study I was presently was of chek jawa. So everything you mentioned was after chek jawa. so I didn't have a chance to go into detail.

NOW, if you read my SEC article, you will see ALL of those concerns mentioned. You'll be happy to know BWV is mentioned in my SEC article. :)

Jeffrey said...

Hi November,

Yes, I'm sorry I missed that meeting, but I totally forgot about it!

Yes, I read your article, which is pretty good, although is more focused on the inter-tidal side of things. You don't mention TeamSeagrass, however - although I suppose that could be a separate article on its own.

I wish more could be done for the subtidal areas, but those require some specialised skills, and not really open to everyone, unlike the intertidal walks.

Anyways ... Cheers, Jeff :)

Anyway ...