Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First teaching session!

So many firsts today but the most significant one is probably the first tutorial I taught on my own in my life in a university! I prepared the slides myself, prepared the class outline and syllabus. I even came up with the class activity. I am really one of those people that bring lots of things to tutorial to make it enriching for the students ala the PHD Comics girl. I even incorporated a survey into the tutorial so I can compile some data on environmental knowledge of students!

The first tutorial was really good. The class is really small so I got to talk to each of them. Blame it on first time jitters but then I got lost to the first tutorial. I forgot where it was and had to trouble D.P to help me! After the 1st tutorial, I was on such a roll that I forgot the next one is at 12pm instead of 10am! What a blunder. D.P had to help me call D.H on the phone at 10am. He was probably enjoying weather at home.

Nonetheless, all the blunders aside, the class itself was really good. Students in the first class discussed Vesak Day Operation No Release, Hopea Sangal and Bring your own bag day. I showed ICCS wordpress blog, changi website and operation no release poster and article on my blog!

I love how I have all my resources online. I think the students realized that as well. A quick feedback from the class saw that most of them enjoyed the class and learnt something new! Good enough for me. It feels just like a guiding session haha. It probably shouldn't but the guide instincts take over straightaway! What more, I'm talking about the same topics as when I am guiding! Even D.S says that it's probably a piece of cake for me. haha I won't say that but I will say that it's extremely enjoyable :)

Alright, time for the next tutorial! I better make my move now :)

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