Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going to Oxford

Prof thinks I should go. Just need to ask for funding if I don't want a big hole in my pocket.

My sister thinks I should go. If I arrange to meet up with professors in Oxford, it'll be further worth my while.

I think this is a good chance to meet up with my good friend in UK. Only if he is free... now if he'll only come online...

So I guess this kinda means that there is an 80% chance that I will be going to Oxford next April. I will be giving Boston a miss. That's the American Association of Geographers conference.

What does the conference calendar look like?

April 08 - Oxford (Food Security and Global Env Change)
April 08 - Boston (AAG)
June 08 - Philippines (SEAGA)
August 08 - Tunisia (IUG IGC)
2009 - AAG
2009 - IUG IGC

I only get $2000 for my entire candidature. That means that I can probably pay for one international and one regional for my entire Masters and be done with it. I'm definitely going Philippines but should I go Tunisia? If I also go Oxford, then I will be extremely broke. Maybe I should skip Tunisia and only go for my "international" paid by university in 2009. I'm going to Oxford now mainly to learn. 2009 will be better time to mingle and get jobs, phds, what not.

Best not blow it all now in 2008.

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