Monday, October 29, 2007

31st International Geographical Congress

Date: August 12 - 15
Venue: Tunis, Tunisia
Cost: 455 euro (students)
Accomodation: 39 euro (cheapest, single, breakfast included)
Deadline for submission: ??

Possible sessions:

C.T.2. The Actors, or the Strategic Approach to the Territory
While situating our reflection in a participatory perspective, this axis will deal mainly with the actors. It will allow us to discuss the role of the local actors, of the national State, supranational organizations, etc.
Special emphasis could be put on the strategies of the actors and on the modalities of their adaptation to the configuration of the territories.
Three axes for reflection are suggested:
- The categories of actors (State, locals, NGOs, social groups, etc.)
- The extent of involvement of the actors (concerned agent, decision-making agent, etc.)
- The strategies of the actors.

The last one is definitely my honors thesis.

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