Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Moving Office

Just heard that there will be 7 new grad students next semester. One of which will be a new PhD student from Bangladesh who will be supervised by Prof. Yet another very bright student. How do I compare? Maybe it will be good not being his only student as well.

What has this got to do with moving office?

Well a little bird told me that I may be getting the opportunity to move to a bigger office downstairs. While that is something I have been yearning for since Day 1, I suddenly feel a sense of loss. I've really begun to feel for this place!

Loss of freedom. Loss of liberty to decorate the office door as if I am the only occupant (which I virtually am). Loss of easy accessibility to toilet. Loss of easy accessibility to supervisor office. Loss of space to sun my plants! Loss of easier accessibility to canteen. Loss of ability to call myself Harry Potter of Geog Dept.

What would I gain?

Gain of space. Gain of clean office that doesn't smell musky and dusty triggering my allergies. Gain of easy accessibility to pantry. Gain of company with people I get along. Gain of easy access to offices. Gain of easy accessibility from bus stop - less flight of stairs to climb.

I really don't know. I feel torn. But hearing that next semester 7 new people will squeeze in this small hole with me made me agree straight away. *sigh* I wonder if it's a wrong move.

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