Monday, September 10, 2007

Visit to Kranji Countryside

Seeing as how I have to mark about 120 assignments in October pertaining to a field trip report of 2 farmpreneurs at the Kranji Countryside, I thought it would be useful to pay it a long overdue visit.

In addition, with 2 photographers as companions, I thought it would be additionally important for them to assist me in taking a photo worthy of the department noticeboard. A photo was due last Monday but my photo was rejected. My very brief research interest writes "sustainable food consumption-production systems, conservation, urban ecology".

A photo befitting of my research interest which at the same time describes my personal interests and portray an appropriate image of myself was of utmost importance. The above photo was the result. I think it'd do.

Printed a copy and will submit tomorrow. For now, a presentation on map and photographs as a methodology in restorative ecology is due tomorrow and I'm only half way through the reading!

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