Friday, September 21, 2007

Desperate times calls for desperate measures

Was supposed to go Cameron with Duck and Evie on wednesday but then Evie suddenly may have to withdraw and now I'm desperately short of traveling companions.

In fact I was so desperate that I'm harassing Huaqin, posting on facebook and emailing toddycats!
I am conducting a recce field trip to Cameron Highlands (CH) for my research and fellow toddycat, Marcus Ng, will be driving us up to CH.

Dates: 26 - 28 September 2007 (wed - fri)
Cost: Approximately SGD$200.

We are looking for somebody to join us. Sorry for the late notice but we suddenly had a last minute change in crew and now we have vacancy for 1-2 persons to join us. Cost will be lower if we have more people.

You are not obliged to follow me around on my field work and can feel free to explore CH by yourself. But if you are interested to come along, I will be going to vegetable farms as well as the 3-4 towns around CH. Of course Marcus is dying for his tea and scone at the Lakehouse.


930am Depart from NUS
1130am Arrive JB
730pm Arrive Cameron


Recce Cameron!

9am Depart Cameron after breakfast
12nn Lunch at KL
7pm Arrive in Singapore

Bala's Holiday Chalet
3 persons in 1 room or 4 persons in 2 rooms

We will be renting a car in Johor Bahru and driving up to CH.

I need to confirm urgently so please let me know within the week by Sunday 23 September. Email me at guanacomonkey at gmail dot com

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