Thursday, September 20, 2007

lazy afternoon at arts canteen

I'm beginning to be very fond of the sea breeze and view at Arts Canteen. It's such an inspiration place that has prompted me to work without fail.

While having lunch and waiting for some media students from NTU to come ask me questions that doesn't deserved to be answered (I must be catching the mean bug from Ria), I decided to take a picture of me enjoying my favourite ice lemon tea at the news arts canteen. I look kinda stupid but don't mind me.

I just loved the look on the girl in front of me at the drink stall when the uncle directly addressed me without me having said a word, "ice lemon tea without straw right?" hehe I love it.

Ok, I should be getting to the department now to get my GPS unit, check out maps of cameron and working out the funding claim.

For those who haven't caught this on facebook and twitter, Duck and Evie has kindly sacrificed their time and company to go with me to Cameron Highlands next Wednesday to Friday for my recce trip. The place looks gianormous. Good luck to me.

Going to have dinner with Ria tonight to discuss the guide workshop at SBWR next Saturday. My environmental management and assessment class will also be going for the talk before the workshop. Then a walk at Sentosa after the animals sushi party at 5.30pm. Next weekend after that, Joe Lai will be leading the class on a walk.

Recently I've gotten in touch with Daniel Goh whom I quote way too much in my honors thesis. Mainly because he's the only other person in Singapore who has published so recently on the topic. I am hoping to meet him next Wednesday, right before I fly off to (I mean drive of to) Cameron Highlands. Duck will be driving and I am really hoping Ham will be able to join us as well.

Speaking of Daniel Goh - he's actually a blogger and contributor on Singapore Angle. I even have him on facebook. Well, let's see. He's also recently published a book chapter on Chek Jawa. I've emailed him and he's very encouraging. I hope to get him to edit my paper for me before I send it to publishing. Oh right, what paper! I haven't even had time to do shit. Yes, not even shit.

On the research front, I must quickly do more readings on Cameron before my trip and brush up my Bahasa Melayu.

Lastly, last tuesday saw my first time directly addressing the students of N&S. It caused quite a stir at first. And I gave them the wrong info about tutorial. Crap. Saw a student in the class at the canteen just now and he said Nature and Society felt like a philosophy class. He's a birder no less. Well, I couldn't resist plugging my tutorial session so I told him to come for my tutorial - I'll be talking about Nature Conservation and I promise no concepts. Ok, I lied. Conservation is a concept and so is social capital. Crap ass. Ok, a lot of swearing today. Just reflecting my general state of mental being.

Oh I won't even begin on how I sounded like an idiot at the Department Graduate Tea. I had a brain freeze with the whole entire faculty and grad students staring on. HOD said at least I sounded smart before - now I'm just stupid. She say she expects a breakdown form me soon. Oh great. I'm right about there now.

Made my visa application for US just now and I'm really looking forward to it though scared of course. Interview date booked for 18 October. Good luck to me!

I realize that September is almost over *panic* better back to work instead of lazing around here updating on graduate life and enjoying the breeze! It does make me poetic though. hah

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