Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Plan for 2009

As of date, this is more or less what is happening:

January - driving exam and field work. Must start on the local field work please! Also looking at coming up with HT publication ASAP. Need to get in touch with potential PhD profs too! Literature review for thesis please.

February - GRE exam; applying for jobs; maybe going to Surin; writing up paper for AAG competition. One chapter in thesis. Finish up vegetable article for SAGE Pub.

March - AAG conference - a whole month in USA; visiting universities on the east coast; writing thesis?

April - writing thesis full speed ahead! Going for job interviews?

May - more writing thesis! Submit first draft!

June - Field Studies 2009?

July - Sister in Singapore - editing and revision of thesis; submit thesis!

August - graduate and preferably start job already! Otherwise go Hokkaido for graduation trip with parents hopefully. But if I so decide to go McGill, I'll be moving to canada? haha some how that is about 40% chance of happening.

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