Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today a little quack told me that during an industry meeting, a marketing research by a competitor reports that 40% of respondents only buys from NTUC regardless of price or brand.

Just as I was vehemently expressing my frustration at the government-allied supermarket which just opened up a 24 hours hypermart at Jurong Point called NTUC Xtra.

Why am I frustrated with them? Because they are supposed to import from my CH supplier but then I can't find anything from them at the BL branch! *grumble* and then because of government alliance they also are supportive of the food supply diversification strategy which means the less I'm able to find CH food right? What more they have their organic brand that only takes Thai brands? I heard the royal project is seriously pushing for organic. Really helps to be a monarchy.

Anywho, I must really visit the supermarket at Liang Court, ASAP!

Oh right, Note to self: get in touch with AVA!

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