Thursday, December 18, 2008

Consultancy and Publication Offer

Final Update: I got a reply regarding the consultancy job. As I suspected, being a full time student does not meet with the job requirements. However, they most kindly ask me to get in touch with them when I graduate! It is nice to know that I have headhunters looking out for me :)

2 days ago, I got an email regarding an offer for consultancy work. After consulting with certain avians, this monkey decided to reply after all. I seriously don't think I'm qualified to be a SENIOR national consultant but I'll be happy to be involved in the project. We'll see what happens.
Hello Ms.Tan,
I am looking for a Senior National Consultant to take part in an extensive - Policy Research Project.

The aim of your section of the research project would be to make a policy contribution to the development of secure and sustainable food production systems in Singapore, in addition to efficient regulatory, logistical, distribution and marketing arrangements.

You would be one of a team of eight consultants from various Pacific Rim countries.

To be specific, I am looking for a Senior National Consultant who has all or most of the following:
-being able to demonstrate an understanding of food chains, the current global food situation and policy responses in the - region;
-previous experience in:
1. sectoral economic analysis, for example, agriculture, food marketing, logistics, transport & distribution;
2. analysis of statutory and regulatory rules, the incentives that arise & policy directions for improvement;
3. preparing case studies;
-demonstrated expertise in undertaking consultancy studies/economic research in English;
-evidence of the capacity to deliver high quality products on time & within budget; and
-being able to consult with key stakeholders across the country.

I must stress that at this point MT is just seeking your interest in being part of the multi country team which will be part of the proposal forwarded to -. Fine detail will come later.

Whether the MT proposal is finally approved will be up to - !

I look forward to hearing back from you and hope that you are interested. Please send a CV for inclusion in our proposal to - . Many thanks in advance! I ask that you also provide a phone number so that we can have a short & informal chat ASAP?
Update: no reply so far so it is just an enquiry after all. furthermore, i expressed my own doubts at my lack of qualifications for this job so till next time then!

And then about a few weeks ago, my boss got an email asking if his students might be interested in submitting their thesis as manuscripts for publication but it sounds so spammy. They are from mauritius! Or at least based there? I'm so skeptical but I replied after all. I don't want to disappoint my boss. I think he's upset that I ask if it's a scam. Sigh.
Dear Professor VRS ,

In the course of an Internet research, I came across the dissertation:

' "Saving Chek Jawa" : social capital and networks in nature conservation ' written by your former student, T P T , in year 2006 .

As we would like to make his/her work available to a larger audience, I would be interested to get in touch with your former student to find out if he/she would like to submit the manuscript for review.

Therefore, I would be grateful if you would be so kind as to provide me with his/her email, or even simply forward this e-mail. Thank you.

F Onno
Acquisition Editor
Update: VDM replied. It turns out to be vanity publishing which I suspected as much. Bah I doubt I'll bother with them unless I'm superbly desperate. Hope the consultancy thing turns out a tad less disappointing? But I'm not very optimistic.

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