Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late night Starbucks encounter

2 nights ago, I got a call at 10pm. It was the organic farmer that I was meant to meet the next day.

"Hey we are at Starbucks with a few of the organic guys, why don't you and your friend come and join us".

It was quite unfortunate that my friend was ill and I was worried that they were only interested in meeting her. Still I went and they of course said no problem.

2 of them were farmers and the other 2 were urbanites who have gone into the composting business. Young fellas, with kids the same age as my niece and nephew. They were all about 30somethings like my sisters. It feels all so familiar. Interestingly one of them have the same name as duck! But luckily he felt compelled to distinguish himself by spelling his name with a K. hah!

The organic fellowship. At starbucks! That is the irony. I'm really not a fan of starbucks but upon hearing that theres FREE WIFI at starbucks. Well bing bam boom kabooey! I am a fan. hah! Right that and the fact that they have nice cushy sofas. What I didn't understand is why they need fans and aircon on Cameron Highlands! Probably standard issues with the mold that is global-franchising.

The organic fellas really make me feel right at home on Cameron Highlands. I know it's very foolish of me to want to not be rejected when approaching people for interview but being snubbed hurts. But then the boss says just go get snubb anyways. That makes me wonder if I shouldn't try so hard to persuade people? Confused. Maybe I'll leave the high snub zones to the boys when they come in late July.

Methodologically this is probably all wrong since I should do the survey then choose 30 out of the 100 to do the indepth but now I have to do the indepth as I go along and survey enough to fill in the blanks. It will be hard for me to get 2nd meetings with people unless I have something I need and I'm desperate. Sometimes just getting a 2nd chance to invite somebody out to dinner is difficult. It's hard to draw a clear distinction between social and work when it comes to fieldwork.

Taken 1 month ago, now it's already open for business!
Will remember to take an updated photo

But I'll never forget starbucks. The way I see it now, I will probably focus my thesis on the holistic picture and separately write a paper on organic farming in Cameron Highlands.

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