Saturday, June 28, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

For those who might be coming to help out in Cameron, here's the heads up - Expect the Unexpected!

You may need to babysit.

You will need to climb up hills and terraces.

You may see deforestation.

You will cross rivers.

You may need to speak more than 4 languages in one day.

(and be careful not to get pesticide poisoning!)

You might end up on a road trip to KL in a cold truck.

You might eat breakfast with dead rats.

(Ok this is not in Cameron)

You may encounter destruction.

You may see ravines of disposed waste.

You will encounter lots of dogs.

You might have to climb on tractors to hide from rain.

(I had to do that coz we were stuck on eroding hill in the rain and couldnt get down but in turn got a farmer contact w00t!)

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