Saturday, May 3, 2008

Volunteers Recruitment Successful

A few weeks ago I put out word that I needed volunteers via Wilson of ECO and Heather of Food for All. Heather also helped me spread the word to Geogsoc members. I also put it up on Midnight Monkey Monitor and WildSingapore picked it up. I also asked Dawa to send to Honors student and Matthew to send to 3rd year geog students. Ria also asked me to contact Vyna directly and I am so glad I did. (yay!)

Initial stages saw lots of geogsoc juniors signing up. It was very smooth flowing as one of the juniors volunteered to come for a whole month.

Then he withdrew.

That drew the whole thing into chaos and then to make matters worse, some juniors asked if they could come for 2 days! To make things worse, they asked why others were allowed to come for 4 days only. Alright, that made me become very stringent with the volunteer recruitment process from that point on.

Regardless, the recruitment has more or less been completed. Schedule can be seen at the calendar above.

1. Melissa and Heather (geogsoc)
2. Vyna (NHC)
3. Hannah (ECO)
4. Shanjun and Matthew (geogsoc)

I am still awaiting reply from
1. Michelle Ooi (heard from ECO)
2. Peihao (NHC)

Interestingly, I had 1 Indonesian and 2 Malaysians who asked if they could help out. International collaborators! I wish I could bring them on but no reply from the Indonesian when I asked where in Indo he is from as I need to do some work in Brastagi. I would love to have him help out in the Indon leg of the project but it's unfortunate that he did not reply.

A few Malaysians from the USM Environment Club read my blog and asked if they can help but schedules are just not suitable. The President and Vice President of the USM Env Club are my friends so I guess their members have been regularly reading my blog. How nice! :) If I ever am required to have Malaysian collaborators, I know who to find. Hurray!

Actually there are still spaces available for my May recce trip but I would not be able to subsidize the accommodations. Anybody interested?

Meanwhile, the survey volunteers recruitment has been slow. I did manage to get a few:
1. Janelle
2. Le Vu
3. Angeline
4. Perry

Sigh, I really need more people for this. Help! I have emailed Liyan at NJC and she said she's sent it to the classes who need CIP but no news so far. How sad.

I wonder if I can afford to give a small token of $10 kino book voucher to people who help me conduct the survey.

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