Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cameron May Pilot Survey update

Let's start with the bad news.

1. Mr Chua will not be around in the first 2 days of my arrival in CH. Him and his wife are going for a work trip to China from May 6 to May 22.

2. I have not gotten any transport detail yet.

The good news is that Mr Chua is a saint. He has been helping me so much I feel so bad for not following up.

1. He has contacted the farms owners as well as Mr. C, Secretary Cameron Veg Growers association asking them to give their full cooperation to you when you want to visit their farms. Everybody contacted says no problem. The list of their names and contact numbers I am leaving it with Mr. Karupanan who will be checking you into my apartment. To facilitate logistic he has sketched the farm locations for me and leave then with Mr K.

2. Mr K will check me in at Tanah Rata and he is also the person I am suppose to contact for leads on transport

3. Mary Wong (travel agent) also gave another contact, Mr Chandran

4. Another contact Mr Ravi at CAMERON TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD. Emailed him, no reply.

5. The June accommodation has been settled. Thank the lord.

Do I have enough money for all of this?! No news from the funding request. Woe.

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