Thursday, April 17, 2008

Conference Updates

The dissertation workshop in Los Banos is moving along. Another MA student from South East Asian studies saw my name on the list and emailed me. We will be meeting up beforehand. I hope that she will take the same flight as me. She is from Thailand! I can practice my Thai (yay!) She is working on rural indebtedness in Thailand. Ah, I will have things to talk about. Is happy.

I bought my air ticket already and Andie has agreed to host me.

Here's my tentative itinerary for Philippines.

29 May
10am Arrive at Manila Airport
- Either take taxi directly to UP Diliman to meet with the workshop people and go with them to Los Banos (the bus is leaving from UP around 2pm)
- Or maria pick me up from Airport to UP Diliman?

30 May to 1 June
Los Banos workshop

1 June - 2 June
Either come back to Quezon City or stay in a resort in Los Banos for one night and check out Los Banos

3 June - 6 June
SEAGA, UP Diliman.

7 June (Saturday)
Extra day in Philippines

8 June (Sunday)
Fly back to Singapore in the morning 10am.

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