Friday, February 29, 2008

Why is my honors thesis interesting?

I got an email today from my prof, asking me to write why my honors thesis is interesting. This is because he wants to "sell me" to the faculty newsletter who are looking for interesting student research to feature.

Ok, that totally stumped me. I needed objective opinions! Thank goodness Ria came online and gave me a few points which I managed to spin into the following points:

- offers a multi-dimensional perspective of a landmark event in nature conservation in Singapore

- a holistic understanding of events from insiders' perspective, previously unpublished

- a dissection and analysis of environmental NGO strategies in conservation campaigns

- tracing the historical evolution in NGOs form, structure and organization in Singapore

- topical and current, of ongoing interest to conservation groups interested in emulating the success at Chek Jawa

Sounds impressive enough. *grin*

Thought I should keep a record of this in case people ask me again why my thesis is interesting and I get totally stumped. Like, wtf!

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