Thursday, February 21, 2008

SEAGA acceptance

I finally got accepted for the SEAGA conference. It's not a big nor prestigious conference but it's my first where I'll be presenting in front of academics so it's frightfully exciting for me.
Your proposed presentations are included in the panel Nature, Markets and States: Issues in Environmental Conservation in Asia and Beyond. The panel includes the following titles and authors:

Constrained by Conservation, Liberated by Capitalism? Conservation induced livelihood change in Northern Thailand by Robin Roth

Social Capital and Networks in Nature Conservation in Singapore by November Tan

The Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary in Sabah: Simulacra of pristine nature, stronghold of biodiversity... by Jean-François Bissonnette

USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program: Environmental and Socio-Economic Implications by Mahesh Rao
All the presentations seems to be critical of conservation projects while I am going to talk about strategies for conservation. I feel like the only lamb amongst the lions. Eek! My dad already told me I better not offend anybody with my "environmental" sentiments. Geez!

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