Friday, January 18, 2008

More PhD topics ideas

was having a conversation about my frustration with neoliberalism and reading the confessions of an economic hit man and inspired for a topic I can work on for my PhD

Originally I was keen on doing a philosophical conceptual research on perspective and definition of conservation and development.

now im keen on developing an alternative form of measurement/denominator to the neoliberal economic development and gdp growth form of measuring development. this alternative paradigm must not be extreme lke the gross national happiness and must be located within a non radical, non extremist framework.

perhaps it is like developing a new system of indicators but more so a paradigm for locating environmental sustainability, conservation and development in a balanced equation. kinda sick of environmental solutions that are all located within neoliberal paradigms which really drives me bonkers because it neoliberalism does not really make space for real solutions and change that benefits more than the few ruling elites of the corporatocracy.

really something to think about. i can be the next karl marx. haha it's time we have a paradigm shift.

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