Friday, December 28, 2007

Modules Sem 2 AY07/08

GE6770 Graduate Research Seminar
GE5660 Independent Study Module
LAB1201 Bahasa Indonesia 1 (S/U)
ST1131 Statistics (Audit)

On the research front:
- Singapore demand side study
- Recce in Pekanbaru, Indonesia
- environmental concepts lit review (ISM)

On the paperwork front:
- Research grant ($3000)

On the conference front:

- Apply for SEAGA
- Apply for conference grant

On the publishing front:

- HT

On the teaching front:
- no updates yet

On the stress front:

- dead

I look at the list and I become seized by fear. Paralyzed. I don't dare to move forward, don't know where to begin. It's not that I am procrastinating but I set myself up for this perfectionist syndrome.

The wise thing to do right now would be to choose just one of those and work on that. I've tried picking IRB as my first on the list but I'm thinking that's the wrong thing to do because it involves rewriting my research proposal which is scaring me stiff right now. Everything is tied up with one another. Fuck! I don't know what to do. I'm so scared. Omg I am just overwhelming myself. Why do I do that?! Ok I am going to try something easier... *blank*

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