Thursday, January 31, 2008

Changing Landscape Tutorial 1

This semester I have been assigned to assist in the module GEK2001/SSA2202 Changing Landscapes of Singapore. It's a really large class and I've been assigned to teach 5 tutorial slots for all 4 sessions through the semester as well as grade exam papers.

The tutorial exercises are designed by the lecturer so as to be consistent through all the classes. However, I've been experimenting with more creative ways of presenting my tutorial classes. As such I've come up with the "landscape idol" to encourage students to participate more and to be rewarded with some "intellectual prizes" at the end.

Here, I've uploaded the slides for tutorial 1 on which is an amazing tool.

I've also emailed the lecturer and TA asking them if it's alright with them for me to start a blog for my own tutorial groups. I hope they approve.

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