Thursday, November 8, 2007

PhD at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

List of Professors

I've done this search a while back and this name always pop up whenever I look at Yale: Carol Carpenter
Her research interest cannot be more similar to mine!
* Social Ecology of Conservation and Development
* Region: Asia and the Pacific
* Environmental Justice
* Environmental Policy
* Parks and Protected Areas
* Sustainable Development
* Anthropology
Dr. Carpenter’s teaching and research interests focus on theories of social ecology, social aspects of sustainable development and conservation, and gender in agrarian and ecological systems.
That really appeals to me. Highly considered but I wonder if that will push me over the edge to human geography *sigh*

One thing I do notice about the Yale professors is that more of them have done work in Asia than compared to Oxford. What irony. There is even a tropical institute in Yale. The program director stands out:
Amity Doolittle

She is actually studying something which I am dying to work on! "The impact of global discourses of conservation and economic growth on local land-use practices" Consumption and Conservation!! I am ... tempted already!

I believe in Yale these types of subject is considered Social Ecology of Conservation and Development. How apt that I am looking to publish in the social / human ecology journal soon! I am optimistic. Yale yale yale. PRof really thinks I should go to Yale. What about W? What will he do if I go to Yale? Oxford is so much better for commuting as compared to Yale! I don't want to see my husband only once a week!

Another to consider, Michael Dove. All these names sound familiar because I definitely came across the same people last time I looked at Yale. Research areas include: (1) the theory of sustainable development and resource-use, (2) biodiversity and human society, (3) contemporary and historical environmental relations in South and Southeast Asia, (4) human use of tropical forests and grasslands, (5) resource-based linkage of local communities to global systems, (6) the study of developmental and environmental institutions, discourses, and movements, (7) the sociology of resource-related sciences.

If I really want to move into urban ecology, Stephen R. Kellert is the man to consider. This will bring me more into higher philosophical considerations which could be good as an academic. I think I can consider examining understanding the connection between human and natural systems with a particular interest in the value and conservation of nature.

Funding seems a lot more plausible at Yale than Oxford. Application details.

Department Information

Grad School Application
Application link

This is the immediate selling point for Yale:
"Applicants to Ph.D. programs are automatically considered for financial aid unless they indicate that they have available resources that will be sufficient to pay for tuition and maintenance for the duration of their educational program (normally four to six years)."

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