Thursday, November 8, 2007

PhD at Oxford Env Change Institute

The only person with my closest research interest would be the director of the Environment Change Institute. She is also the chair of the GECAFS which is related to my current interest.

Professor Diana Liverman

Unfortunately she is also very hotly in demand. She also require either studies in Latin America or on Climate Change. However, she indicated interest in local food production networks in US. I think I can work around it and look at US as an implication for SEA. Is it feasible? Throw in a bit of neoliberalism and NAFTA in there. Voila! A pot of soup. Lots of details on her personal website.

Doctorates: I supervise a small number of doctoral students in the DPhil in Geography (please note there is no DPhil in Environmental Management). I am unable to accept more than a couple of new students each year because of my heavy administrative responsibilities and because of the time commitment I must make to each doctoral student. I rarely, if ever, accept students outside of my current research interests in Latin American environmental issues or climate impacts and policy because I believe that doctoral research requires expert supervision. I will discourage anyone who does not have a strong background for doctoral study, who is working outside my area of interest and expertise, or who applies late in the year after I have already accepted my quota of students. You will need to approach at least one other staff member to be your second supervisor if you wish me to be your primary advisor.

I do not have any research grants or fellowships to support postgraduate students at present. Admission to all our programmes is very competitive, especially for the modest number of scholarships available to the different programmes. Our postgraduate profile is very international and several students come with scholarships from their home countries. For UK and EU students the basic tuition fee is about £7000 and for international students tuition is almost £14000. All students must be admitted to both the university and to one of the Oxford Colleges. I am a fellow of Linacre College which does have a strong interest in the environment. College fees are between £1700 and £2100 and the university estimates that a single student will need to have about £750 a month for accommodation, food and other expenses (£9000 for 12 months).


There is also a guy called Dr Richard Ladle who works with crabs and has published with tons of familiar names in DBS like Peter Todd and Chou LM. But then he also works with representation of conservation science in media! That is very much like what I want to do on consumption and conservation! Melch that with my interest in social media. This could be it no?

Here's a list of professors to choose from.

Another possible candidate:
Professor Sarah Whatmore
Somebody I've actually heard of! Quite a known geographer indeed! She is working on sustainable consumption! Agriculture and food issues. I'm definitely interested. She also works on sustainable cities. Another interest. Mmmm she is interested in feminist geographers (haha) and also on people interested in transdisciplinary research. Very possible! :D

Funding is a big issue but here's a list:
Scholarships not restricted by region
Overseas Research Student (ORS) Awards Scheme
International Office Funding link
A whole bunch of other list
Chevening Scholarship
- only for 1 year programs.

Application details for the Oxford University Centre for Environment. Very important website

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