Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Teaching Undergrads

When the original sign up sheet for teaching undergrad modules as a teaching asst went around, I was disappointed that several of the classes I wanted was not listed. As such, I signed up for (in priority):

1) Natural Resources
2) GE1101E
3) Ecological Systems

A senior I spoke to asked why I did not take on my supervisor's module. While I'm not really an expert on Southeast Asia, I do not believe it would be too difficult. However, the module I really wanted is Nature and Society, a module taught by a new faculty member who just finished his PhD and returned to NUS to teach. He is really one of Victor's prodigy who has carried out research more or less exactly in my field.

Today, after speaking with the graduate coordinator, I found out she left out 3 modules, 2 of which were ones I originally wanted. Thus, I made a change in my ranking. My new list is as follows:

1) Nature and Society
2) Natural Resources
3) Southeast Asia

Let's hope I get my first choice! I will know next week.

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