Tuesday, November 18, 2008

field studies 2009

bumped into CGW outside the office just now and asked about field studies and i think i got myself drafted. i have been contemplating it ever since i got "liberated". i wonder if it would be a good decision though...if i were looking for job... or what if i had to finish my thesis or rewrite? omg. this means that i have to finish my thesis by APRIL. Hey that's an incentive to write faster. write faster then maybe monkey can go thailand and find a nice handsum thai boy! haha oh gawd im despicable. alright alright, i am going there because i miss thailand dammit. and also because if im really interested in working on becoming a southeast asianist i need to work on my field experience.

sometimes i really wonder what i'm up to. on the other hand my family wants to go hokkaido around that time of the year next year and they did invite me to go along... dammit. japan. hokkaido. thailand. cute boys. omg i cannot decide~ haha hope i can have my cake and eat it too. Slurp~

This would be my last chance to do field studies before i go overseas to do phd or start work in gahmen, etc. but i have to start applying for job in january. get a job for 1 year in civil service singapore or international orgs and then do my phd? must do my GRE in january too... after i pass my driving test! But I think I should write my thesis first before thinking about phd proposals...

When I'm in AAG in March I should definitely be ready to talk to potential supervisors for Fall Admission 2010.

February must be finished with my paper to submit to competition and maybe churn out something from my honors. damn im screwy

Must remember to email CGW at the end of the year to talk about this again.

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